Roof Dewatering

Vacuum DeWatering

RAM’s (DWV) Vacuum Insulation/Screed Dewatering offers a technically viable solution and cost saving alternative to roof replacement.

Dewatering can be used on most roof constructions to quickly extract entrapped water from pre-determined pump locations. RAM’s unique service, removes entrapped water from within a roof construction, before it causes irreversible degradation of the roof.

Vacuum DeWatering negates the need to strip large areas or the complete roof, providing a saving of up to 95% of replacing the wet insulation..

      • Extract entrapped water
      • Up to 95% saving compared to replacement
      • Restore 90% of Insulation Performance
      • Effective and Efficient

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Service Benefits

Roof water removalExtracting entrapped water can extend Reliable Service Life.

Remove Trapped Water in RoofEnables cost savings of up to 95% compared to stripping and replacing roof.

Roof Leak InvestigationCan restore 90% of Thermal Performance of Insulation layers

Dewater roofingEffective equipment, portable and highly Efficient

Dynamic Leak Investigations
Dynamic Leak Investigations
Dynamic Leak Investigations
Dynamic Leak Investigations


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Roof DeWatering

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Vacuum DeWatering

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